NBA Player Props

NBA Player Props - what are nba prop bets and how to find best NBA prop bets today

What are NBA Player Props?

Bets that allow a sports bettor to place a wager on player performance are called player propositions, or in short player props. Player prop bet includes a player statistic like “12.5 points” and prices to be the OVER or UNDER. In this example, if NBA player scores 13 or more points – bet is graded winner, if payer scores 12 or less points the bet loses.

NBA Player Prop bets can also be listed as YES or NO bets. For example: will a player make first shot YES/NO, will player record a double double YES/NO. Pretty straight forward

NBA Prop Bets

Score First – who will score the first basket of the game. Lists 10 starting players, you bet on the player you think will score the first basket. This is nowhere near as popular as the NFL first touchdown market, but if you want to make a long shot bet, usually in 5:1 to 12:1 range, go ahead.

Player Points – popular prop bet that comes in two forms:

  • Over/Under: Select if a player will score over or under the prop line
  • Number+ or “at least”. A bet would look like “Steph Curry 25+ -125”. Curry would need to score at least 25 points for this bet to cash. At least format is very common in single game betting where a bettor can bundle multiple NBA player prop bets into a single game parlay.

Rebounds – How many rebounds a player will collect in a game. Player rebound props are most commonly available in over under or at least format. It is also possible to get some action on 10 rebounds + 10 points action with double double bet.

Assists – Number of assists a player will record. NBA is a bit wacky what is credited an assist and what is not by certain stat keepers, but it is a stat that projects well. You can bet on player assist props in over/under and at-least format. Can also be used in Double Double bets to win in combination with either rebounds or points.

Turnover – mostly an over/under number of turnovers and NBA player will have. Very underutilized bet, should have much more action in special NBA player usage situations.

Blocks – Over under bet for number of blocks player will record

Steals – Over under bet for number of steals player will record

Double Double – a yes/no bet. If a player records 2 of 10+ points, 10+ rebounds or 10+ assist, it is called a “Double Double”.

Triple Double – a yes/no bet. If a player records 10+ points, 10+ assists and 10+ rebounds a triple double is graded a win. In some very rare scenarios player can get there with steals or blocks, but that is extremely rare.

NBA Player Pro Bet Combinations

Very fun way to participate in play stat betting market. Bettors who want to capture more of an overall player performance can utilize these player stat combination bets. Most common wagers are:

Points + Assists + Rebounds or PAR can be both and over/under or at-least bet. Sum of NBA Player points, assists and rebounds is combined into a single line. This is a great way to bet on overall player performance while having multiple chances for success. If you bet the point player prop of a point guard and that PG decided to pass more than shoot less than you project, you would more than likely lose the player prop. When betting P+A+R prop you might still get to the over win if assists make up for lack of point scoring.

Points + Assists – More focused version of or the PAR prop

Points + Rebounds – More focused version of the PAR prop

Rebounds + Assists – Player statistic combination prop that can be used in unique volatile situations like betting Draymond Green props, where scoring is extremely volatile and difficult to project and bettor would like to focus on his strong suits.

Steals + Blocks – Great proposition wager option for defensive minded players.

NBA Player Futures

Individual Stats – before the season sportsbooks may offer a wager on season average for individual player statistics. There are usually some really great lines to pick form as it a very minor market for sportsbooks that requires a lot of work, thus the lines can be very soft.

Player Awards: most sportsbooks will offer proposition bets on which player will win major individual awards like NBA MVP, NBA Defensive Player of the Year, NBA Rookie of Year. Player award betting lines can vary greatly between sportsbooks. Be sure to shop around for your preferred player futures, could save big.

NBA Prop Bets Today

Proposition offerings above offer many betting opportunities. But what if you spot something during the game where you feel certain players will perform way different than original expectations. Many factors can lead to changes in NBA player projections in the middle of the game: Surprise news shortly after tip off, injuries during the game, foul trouble, bonus potential, player being using in different way than he is priced for, or maybe it is a rookie in the new role finally blossoming. Here comes in LIVE BETTING. Most sportsbook now offer all of the above statistical categories to bet in the middle of the game. Can make a night from betting pre game and in game lines. Great entertainment value if done responsibly.

We will cover many prop betting strategies and how to research each individual NBA player statistical category before the game.

Good luck and gamble responsibly!

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